Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat

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Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat
East Island Seed Co.
Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Origins: Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat
Flowering: 60 days
Harvest: late October
purple-skunk-dutch-treatEast island selected this hybrid for its deep flavor and gentle indica stone. “Skunk” varieties smell and taste floral but very ripe, like lavender that could compete with a skunk. Dutch Treat gives the hybrid a note of citrus fruit flavor an unusually upbeat high for an indica-dominant plant.
Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat shows some range in physiognomy, but tends to grown short and bushy, under a meter tall on average. Her leaves are dark green, turning purple as she ripens; the same pigment occurs in many ripe large, dense buds. The robust stems of this tough little plant support heavy bud production. This variety yields best when multiple short plants are gathered in a soil-based sea of green, yielding about 2 ounces per plant in this setup. Multi-branch or hydro growing will often produce lower yields per square foot because they don’t work with the plant’s natural tendencies. The dank smell that wafts up from this crowd of skunky little girls may need to be masked by ozone or other security measures.
Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat bathes the mouth in heavy swirls of smoke with a sweet wildflower bite. If the smoke is savored a little before inhaling, like a fine tobacco, one may taste tones of orange or berry from the Dutch Treat father. Flavor alone is one reason people like this variety, yet the high is noteworthy, too – a very potent, fast onset muscle-loosener that stays mellow, and pleasingly trippy but not too incapacitating or zoney. This is an enhancement smoke for relaxing with friends or an easy day at the beach, and one that can be mixed with good wine or beer without forcing an early bedtime.