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DNA Genetics
Indica 85 / Sativa 15
Origins: Rockstar x Warlock
Flowering: 55-65 days
Harvest: early October
rocklockRocklock stands on the shoulders of giants. This mostly indica strain derives from a carefully selected cross of gifted genetics, Rockstar and Warlock. Both parents are easy-growing indoor strains with unusually stimulating indica buzzes. Rocklock, too, offers easy cultivation and a deep and stoney but awake experience. This version of “stimulant indica” leans toward a heavy trip that doesn’t have to end in the pillows.
DNA prefers Rocklock in a soil-based sea of green, fed with guano. Under these conditions she grows from 60-150 cm (2-5 feet) with a large central cola. She has more leaves (in ratio to calyxes) than some connoisseur plants, but those leaves are sweet and starry with crystals – good material for water hash. As she matures, her leaves change to a nice purple / yellow to signal that she is finished. On the whole, this is a very easy strain to grow that can yield up to 30 grams per plant indoors. Rocklock has never been tested outdoors.
Rocklock tastes and smells sour-sweet, a bit like a fruity cough drop. The high feels like standing next to a giant bass speaker at a concert – the Rocklock vibe seethes through the whole body, warm and numbing but not sleepy. In fact, smokers of this strain are often found standing near the speakers at concerts, dissolving the self / music barrier in an indica dream. The same stone can offer relief to persons suffering from body-located tension, inflamation and pain.