Sapphire Star

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Sapphire Star
Jordan of the Islands
Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Blue Hawaiian sativa x God Bud
Flowering: 49-56 days
Harvest: late September
sapphire-starSapphire Star is a bery-flavored, haze-influenced closs from a popular Hawaiiansativa strain and the powerful indica God Bud. Like a pure sativa, Sapphire Star bushes out in all directions, reaching a looming 5-6 feet indoors and up to 15 feet outdoors. Her stone also displays classic sativa traits – a blissful flight of ideas takes off fast from a few tokes. But the God Bud indica influence shortens Sapphire Star’s flowering time considerably from the sativa norm, as well as sweetening the musky taste.
Indoors, Sapphire Star need regular feeding to get the best growth from either soil or hydro crops.Sea of green planting may be possible for an experienced gardener who can prune and cull the bushy plants. Sapphire’s foliage often looks speckled with dew as she flowers – this is actually quite watery resin, which makes it easy to collect as finger hash. Sapphire Star’s buds are small but dense and well-shaped. Outdoors, her fast finish and awesome size in Canada offer good prospects for outdoor growth in other cold climates.
Imagine a patch of blueberries dripping sap over blooming thistles and musky Bermuda grass – that berry-and-weed combination is Sapphire Star’s bouquet from the grow room to the pipe to the exhale. Her uplifting high makes for happy, fluent conversation. Light housework or heavy petting are also recommended with this energetic smoke.