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Bonguru Beans
Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Shiva x NYC Diesel
Flowering: 63-70 days
Harvest: mid October
shieselShiesel was bred for a combination of taste and stone. The effects come mostly from the Shiva parent – body-located but profound and hashy. First-time users will be patting the walls for support and may find themselves standing agape, staring at the contents of the refrigerator. The Shiesel flavor is a sweet-and-sour handful of dried fruit from the strain’s papa, NYC Diesel. The potency offers a plethora of delights for the connoisseur.
This variety thrives whether grown in a hydroponics or soil setup. She may look diminutive at first, but this short girlwill experience a late growth spurt, climbing a meter in height partway through flowering. Certainly her colas exhibit the massive size and crystally blanket of glands that are characteristic of her Shiva pedigree. Shiesel needs steady feeding and patience during her 9-10 flowering time but growers will want those extra weeks of resin production that is apparent by the glowing dank sweet odor verging on acrid.
Shiesel enhances being in the flesh, with its very narcotic body stone. Many smokers will be there with one good hit. Not an enhancement pot for social effervescence, this bud is better served up with low lighting, down tempo grooves and furniture that encourages lounging. Passing around a bong or joint of Shiesel bring a hushed reflection over the room, as each person spaces out on their own mental exploration or sinks into a quiet awareness of their sense.