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Mr. Nice Seed Bank
Origins: Skunk & Afghani
Flowering: 45-50 days
Harvest: early October
shitWhen it comes to Shit, Mr. Nice growers were having some fun with names. While Mr. Nice breeder Shantibaba admits that it may only be adolescent humor, he still gets a kick from having a variety that people ask for by ordering the Nice Shit. A classic original Skunk/Afghani hybrid, this indica strain is a profusely branching plant with large sticky buds. It is easy as pie for all to grow whether indoors, greenhouse, or outdoors is the location. First time cultivators will find this one a good starter variety. Water plentifully – this variety likes conditions better wet than dry.
According to Mr. Nice, this variety is “the shit”. A Christmas tree of a pot plant, Shit stays medium in height but fills out well. Hairs range from light yellow to red to brown at finish. Even as a multiple branch plant, you will be satisfied with the finishing time of under 7 weeks indoors. Yields can be substantial, ranging between 550-600 grams per square meter. The buzz is mellow and even, giving you sweet skunky breath. The high can last a long while, but in moderation, will not make you so stoned that it disrupts typical everyday activities.