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Homegrown Fantaseeds
Origins: Shiva x Shiva
Flowering: 60-65 days
Harvest: mid October
shivaTraditionalist hindus never carve statues of the god Shiva, instead representing him only by a smooth stone lingam or phallus. This symbolizes the (pro)creative powers of the lord of the dance and his many consorts. In the marijuana family epic, Shiva is a powerindica strain from Afghanistan cultivated in the 1980s at Holand’s famed Cannabis Castle. In the past twenty years, countless pot hybrids have been bred from Shiva, including the popular Shiva Skunk and Shiva Afghani strains. Homegrown Fantaseeds offers the pure Shiva strain selected for growing ease and outdoor hardiness. They recommend Shiva for every grower who wants a strong indica, but this strain’s illustrious breeding history should especially attract pot botanists.
While Shiva flourishes indoors in hydro setups, the breeder prefers a soil-based sea of green. Even new growers will find this strain easy to manage. The main pitfall with Shiva is overfertilization – keep the EC level below 1.20. Shivas can be put outside for the summer without shocking them, in all but very cold climates. Shiva sports dark mint leaves and small, nugget-like buds. Indoor yields of 25 grams per plant are common after a 9 week flowering cycle.
Homegrown Fantaseeds suggests that the Shiva smoker will be too stoned to care about the pot’s taste and aroma. Nevertheless, as one’s ego floats into the dark spaces between the stars, running one’s tongue over teeth may yield shafts of pointy-sharp pure weed taste and electrical cardamom spiciness. Shiva offers tokers a strong body-driven stone for use as a relaxation tool at the end of the day.