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Project Skunkenstein
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
mostly Sativa
Genetics: Nepali Landrace
THC: 18%
skunkensteinProject Skunkenstein is a private breeder in Australia, working hard to produce incredible original strains with interesting genetics. I’m a sucker for a well named chunk of good bud, so I loved this strain before I knew anything else about it, but this is no gimmick; Skunknestein was born of some phenomenal landrace genetics originally from Nepal.
A sativa dominant hybrid, Skunkenstein shares its growth patterns with Frankenstein’s mother; once you get it started, it really takes on a life of its own. The sativa genes mean that it will grow as large as the room allows, but rather than being horrified by what you’ve created, you’ll be more than impressed. If you can handle the pressure, Skunkenstein loves to be cloned and without much effort you can have a whole army of uniform, baby Skunkensteins growing like monsters, without even having to build your monster a mate.
This strain is as wild in your head as it is in the garden: highly cerebral and full of a ridiculous amount of energy. The vigor of the plants seems to be transferred from the bud to you! Just be careful that you don’t end up with with a talking Skunkenstein plant that’s lamenting its own existence and sending you on a mission up to the Arctic.