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California Bean Bank
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Blueberry x Somango
Flowering: 50-60 days
smoothieThe Smoothie strain actually sounds like it is made from the kinds of things you might mix up with your yogurt in the morning for a tasty treat. The mother is a Blueberry and the father is Somango, two well known flavor-heavy strains for the taste connoisseur. The well-known purple-toned Blueberry originated in DJ Short’s program and gained fame on its own as well as a favorite for hybridization. Here, a more indica-type Blueberry has been used to cross with the Soma taste sensation Somango, a reddish-hued multi-hybrid that combines Jack Herer and the Big Skunk Korean.
Both Smoothie parents are nrachy plants, making this strain unquestionably a multi-branch plant. As such, Smoothie thrives in a SCROG setup but can also be trained to a multi-branch SOG. The dense growth pattern of the Smoothie means growers outside of dry regions should take measures against mites and mold formation to ensure a healthy crop. Plants bounce back well as long as the underlying cause is addressed. Smoothie is a connoisseur marijuana strain that provides the motivated novice the opportunity to produce superior medication.
Smoothie powers through the vegetative cycle and finishes fast, leaping from bonsai to mile high in a short 7-9 weeks of flowering. The size and branch structure allow the grower a lot of flexibility in training the plant. Proper pruning during flowering can save a lot of effort during the harvesting phase without compromising the yield. if topped, Smoothie plants bush out, providing the potential for larger, denser top flowers. This plant’s indica-style leaves turn from luscious green to a dark bluish purple and the flowers sparkle with a frost of glands.
Given the famous flavors of its parents, it probably comes as no surprise that Smoothie has an incredible bouquet. The berry-citrus perfume makes you just want to burrow your nose in and breathe deeply. This fruity-floral aroma says top-shelf quality, plain and simple. Organics in soil really brings out the flavors best, but test samples indicated little change based on variation in nutrient regimen. The blueberry sweetness comes out in the taste of the smoke. Smoothie delivers an uplifting high that feels as good as it tastes. In addition to their flavors, the Blueberry and Somango parents have reputations for sublime highs that soothe yet stimulate thought in a soaring clarity. As suggested by its name, the Smoothie transports one with a velvet touch, uplifting to a pleasant euphoria without couchlock. Relaxation or artistic endeavors pair well with this strain, but it is less suited for cognitively demanding activities. Medicinally, Smoothie offers relief from nausea, depression, headaches, cramps, and spasticity and can increase the appetite.