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Soma Seeds
Sativa 80 / Indica 20
Origins: Malahuloo mother x Haze father
Flowering: 98 days
Harvest: late November
somauiAs the name suggests, this variety derives from genetics taken from one of the cannabis sweet spots of the globe, the Hawaiian Islands. Somaui’s mother, Malahuloo, combines with the G-13 Haze for a tropical,sativa-dominant strain. Somaui’s sweet and gradual high offers a little beach vacation for sativa fanciers.
Somaui is a wide plant that branches extensively, making it most suitable as a large plant, a good quality for those concerned with plant numbers. As Somaui moves through its growth phases to ripeness, lime green buds form a long the lanky branches, making surprisingly thick white hairs, which gently turn pink as the buds ripen. In the temperate regions, this variety is confined to the indoors, where it takes 14 weeks to finish. Soma prefers to grow Somaui in soil, using organic such as guano, which make for a high quality, flavorful yield. In tropical environments, Somaui finishes at the end of November.
Somaui plants that begin flowering at approximately 2 feet will reach 5 feet at finish, taking the shape of a willowy spruce. Her delicate, wispy branches form thin sativa-stye chartreuse leaves. She is a sensitive type, and will react when faced with adverse conditions or drastic changes in environment. Soma recommends this variety for advanced farmers with connoisseur tastes for sativas.
The joys of Somaui begin in the growroom, where one must resist the temptation of a premature harvest due to the exquisitely sweet aroma that wafts from her buds as they travel toward ripeness. The technical skill and lengthy season required for this variety are rewarded with long, thick, slightly airy buds that are mold-resistant and easy to manicure. Yields are respectable, around 1 to 2 ounces per plant.
Somaui is ethereal. her sweet tropical-flavored high creeps up with an efortless transition and a long effect. The high is very uplifting, clear-minded and awake. At its best, it is nothing short of spiritual. As such, this variety is a guaranteed attitude adjustment, and a potential treatment for depression.