Sour Amnesia

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Sour Amnesia
HortiLab Seed Company
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
mostly Sativa
Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel x Amnesia
Flowering: 75 days
THC: 18%
sour-amnesiaUsing mainly European and North American genetics to create some awesome new strains, Holland’s HortiLab have become known for coming up with plants that deliver potency, flavor, and yield all at the same time. Known especially for their Sour strains, they are constantly working to introduce new varieties to the market, but Sour Amnesia is one of their existing strains that has already gained much attention. East Coast Sour Diesel was bred in order to be a true representation of the infamous Sour Diesel strain, offered in seed form, and it took almost three years to perfect. As an inbred line of Sour Diesel, ECSD can count ChemDawg, Northern Lights and several versions of Skunk in its family. Conversely, Amnesia, from the original Holland cut, is of Super Silver Haze family with Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights influences.
Sour Amnesia plants are known to be especially good for commercial production – although I only advocate this in countries where cultivation is legal, of course. Though the flowering time sits around 11 weeks, the sheer weight of the yield is enough for commercial growers to choose this strain – even indoor growers can expect to harvest at least 60 grams of bud per square yard of grow space. The yield increases if these plants are grown outdoors, so long as thieves or cops don’t get their grubby hands on your crop: remember that vigilance is key!
Growers with a lot of experience with different strains also enjoy Sour Amnesia crops, as they produce large colas made up of very dense buds that have a fantastic depth of aroma. Adaptable to most kinds of growing techniques, these plants enjoy a lot of feeding, but be sure to ease up if the leaves start to droop, as this can be a sign that you’ve gone a little overboard.
These just might be the dankest of dank buds that you’ve ever had a whiff of; the Amnesia stink has distinct undertones of oil that forms one of those “you have to smell it for yourself” aromas. They’ll also be coated so heavily from top to nail in a thick layer of resinous crystals that if you leave the buds too long a rapper might pick them up and wear them as jewelry. I know this won’t happen though; as soon as your buds are cured, you’ll be grinding those beauties and rolling a fat one without even a thought for their attractiveness, and I can’t blame you. Their smoke is a very crisp one with a very well defined tangy flavor, and before long the creeper of the head high will make itself felt and you’ll find out why they call this family Amnesia. Remember that if you wake up with no memory, you probably had a good time.