Sour OG

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Sour OG aka 818 Headband

Seed Bank: Cali Connection

Genetics: Sativa, Indica

2011- 1st Place, High Times Medical Cups, Detroit

This is a multiple Cannabis Cup award winner.
What we’ve done with this clone is that we’ve taken the original Sour Diesel clone that we’re famous for and crossed that with our SFV OG Kush IBL male.
This plants is a larger yielding cut.
The original clone is the known as AJ aka Weasel’s Sour Diesel.
We dubbed it the original Sour Diesel because it comes from the Chem family personally.
It’s a very sold producer, very large buds.
I’ve seen up to 2 liter size colas.
Fairly strong stems, will need a trellis, fast flower time.
Very strong diesel scent with the lemon OG undertone but mainly Sour Diesel influence.

Origins Orginial Sour Dieseal x SFV OG Kush IBL Male
Flowering 65 - 75 days