South African Landrace

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South African Landrace
Autofem Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Pure Sativa
Genetics: South Africa
south-african-landraceI was absolutely stoked when I found out that the fantastic Autofem Seeds of Spain had got hold of some South African Landrace genetics and were using them as breeding stock. Autofem’s breeder has traveled the world sourcing great genetics and his excellent strains exemplify his passion for quality breeding stock like this Landrace South African beauty.
This plant has been used in several of their commercial hybrids, and in development with auto-flowering strains to produce some much needed auto-flowering sativas. These landrace plants grow wild and unruly in their natural habitat and they are huge – with some reaching 14 or 15 feet in height! However, as they are constantly being subjected to the natural airflow of the wind, their stalks and branches are incredibly strong. Autofem have done well in stabilizing this landrace strain through to F11 versions that express only one phenotype and have been fully tamed.
If you ever buddy up with the lovely Autofem guys and you’re lucky enough to get some South African Landrace buds from them, be ready for a trip that sends you sideways, backwards, and inside out like no other pot you’ve smoked before. Just be sure to practice good manners, African-style, and thank them for their Ubuntu.