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Mr. Nice Seed Bank
Origins: Hawaiian Indica x Hawaiian Sativa
Flowering: 49-63 days
Harvest: mid October
spiceSpice’s pedigree has blossomed out of anindica / sativa union from the islands of Hawaii. This Aloha State resident was brought to Hawaii from a Kona traveler who collected seeds in Asia. He passed the genetics on to Shantibaba, Mr. Nice breeder, back in 1984, since which time it has been selectively bred and further stabilized.
Spice grows with perfectly straight posture to a stately height of 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) outdoors. The large fan leaves acquire a purple aura as the plant finishes, and the thick stem makes staking less critical. The fiery red hairs that form on the colas upon finish give you a hint that she is a sassy smoke. Spice’s colas are tight with a banana-shaped curve. Good indoors, this pole pot will fit neatly in a sea of green setup. This strain is a rapid grower with light branching and an open structure that allows for maximum air flow, making it possible to grow larger plants as well.
You will not be disappointed with the higher than average 480-600 grams per square meter that Spice is capable of delivering. The cured bud has a kick of flavor that is flush with exotic fruit tastes. The smell of the smoke is also quite aromatic and incense-like. This smoke can be dizzying, with an electric edge that may lock you into its powerful physical buzz. Indulging heavily may leave you dozing before you know it.