Super Automatic Sativa

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Super Automatic Sativa (S.A.S.)

Seed Bank: Big Buddha Seeds

Genetics: Autoflowering hybrid 90% Sativa 10%

Big Buddhas’ Automatic X Super Silver Haze ‘reversed’

The past few years have seen a big development in autoflowering strains.
Big Buddha Seeds have again come up with a new autoflowering plant with the intention of a fast flowering ‘Haze’ strain.
The Super Automatic Sativa (S.A.S) is an autoflowering plant with a taste reminiscent of the Hazes’ of Amsterdam.
The S.A.S grows well in a good medium(soil etc.) with lots of air so the roots can stretch out to get a decent autoflowering yield which will blow you away with its quick performance….leaving you with a high ranking product capable of taking out any other strains!

The sweet, piney haze like taste is very distinctive and with the fast finishing time, it is really time to……

Sativa 10%
Origins Big Buddhas' Automatic X Super Silver Haze 'reversed'
Flowering 8 - 10 weeks