Swazi Safari

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Swazi Safari
Flying Dutchmen
Origins: Skunk #1 x Swaziland Sativa
Flowering: 63-84 days
Harvest: late October
swazi-safariSwazi Safari combines a stable Skunk #1 father with a mother from South Africa;s Swaziland, a locale well-known for some of the world’s great pure sativa strains. The Skunk #1 father adds vigor for temperate conditions, increases the yield potential, and most importantly, speeds up the flowering cycle to allow the special qualities of the tropical sativa to finish outside of its equatorial homeland.
A tall, slim plant with scant, light green foliage, Swazi Safari turns to golden tones as the flowers mature. The growth pattern leans toward its mostly sativa heritage, but the buds are exceptionally dense for a sativa. Flowers form clusters at many sites along the branches, yielding an average of 500 grams per square meter when grown in a greenhouse using soil. In a sea of green method, the branching is easy to control, but the yield potential is better when growing methods that encourage multiple budding sites are used.
Swazi Safari has a relatively long finishing time, taking between 9-12 weeks for harvest, but the wait is worth it. The last few days of ripening can add 15-25 percent to the yield and the resin crystals increase exponentially in the race to the finish. With a fresh scent and sweet pine flavor, Swazi Safari is a delicacy that any ganja gourmand will savor. Perhaps more special yet is the luminous quality of the sativa high, leaving the user feeling euphoric yet clear-headed. A truly cerebral pot, Swazi can make any day a little sunnier.