Swiss Cheese

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Swiss Cheese
Nirvana Seeds
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Cheese clone x Swiss Miss
Flowering: 42-55 days
swiss-cheeseThis Swiss Miss / Cheese hybrid is a robust grower and a fast finisher, delivering a heavy eyedroop stone in a deep skunky package. Swiss Cheese is a mostly indica hybrid of Nirvana’s former Swiss Alps, is a mix of very early-finishing Swiss Skunk and a robust strain from Nepal. Here, Swiss Miss serves as the father, adding some old school flavor and hardy tolerance to Nirvana’s acquired Cheese variant. The Cheese mother clone was snuck into Amsterdam and Nirvana’s hands from England in 2007. It is a curious Skunk #1 phenotype from the Birmingham area that has gained a lot of fans in the UK.
Swiss Cheese is a healthy and vigorous plant that grows thick and tight with a compact take on the traditional cannabis plant structure. The leaves are thick and dark, and the buds are also a deep jade with moderate red hairs. This is a sturdy, beginner-friendly strain that is recommended for soil-based sea of green systems due to its minimal branching. The tight cola formations on these plants stink from the first flowers on. All plants appreciate perfect conditions, but Swiss Cheese is pretty flexible, handling low night temperatures without complaint, resisting mold infestations, and forgiving minor miscalculations. Swiss Cheese plants stay average in size, doubling after forcing to reach a final size of 5-6.5 feet (1.5-2 meters). They are a manageable size for smaller closet or hobby gardens. She is also fast to finish, taking only 6-7 weeks of flowering to reach maturity. The speedy cycle makes Swiss Cheese a great outdoor choice. She finishes by the beginning of September when planted in May.
Once dried, Swiss Cheese buds are dark and hard with a twist on typical skunk aromas. The mix of earthy skunk pungency with old school musk and a hint of sweet candy has an edge that makes it unique. This is a Mack truck buzz, a heavy fast -onset stone that may not be sedative, but will definitely slow things down and give smokers a stereotypical eyedroop. Most people will probably lose the urge to exert much energy after smoking this strain and be content to watch sports or movies, or engage in some other undemanding pastime, but some may be more into mellow open-ended recreation like a leisurely hike or even a jog. The body relaxation of this new 2009 strain offers an interesting flavor choice for those looking for physical relief or sedative effects.