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Dutch Passion
Sativa / Indica / Ruderalis
Origins: Power Plant x ruderalis / indica hybrid
Flowering: 35-49 days
taigaTaiga is a hybrid between an autoflowering ruderalis/indica and Dutch Passion’s classic mostly-sativa Power Plant. Power Plant caused a sensation when first released because it combined exceptional yields with memorable potency. Even today, it remains a bestseller for all the right reasons. Fortunately, Power Plant adapts well to hybridization, making it a natural candidate for an autoflowering ruderalis-cross. In the first step of the Taiga cross, and extremely early flowering Power Plant female was selected to produce female pollen, which was used to breed with a female ruderalis/indica hybrid. Breeders then began the time consuming work to maintain the potency and yield characteristics of Power Plant while carrying forward the autoflowering trait.
Taiga crashes through its growth cycle in a generally dictated automatic regime. It is a small bushy, but not overly branchy, plant that grows large, compact green buds reminiscent of its Power Plant parent. Average heights are around 2 feet, although some will stay as short as a foot and the tallest may read 2.5 feet (70cm).
Indoors Taiga does well under a light cycle of 20 hours on / 4 hours off. Whether it is grown inside or in a sunny outdoor environment, Taiga grows from seeds to potent, aromatic, and great looking buds in just 8-10 weeks. Half-gallon containers are sufficient for a good harvest. Even outdoor growers with the shortest of summers will find that this productive new strain performs. Taiga is robust enough to make the most of the growing conditions with which it is presented. It is undemanding when it comes to the fertilizing regime, making it a good choice for beginners, who can often struggle with more exacting nutrient requirements. While plants always benefit from good nutrients and light, this variety still thrives when handed less than optimal conditions.
The sweet-spicy smell and rich taste of Taiga are similar to Power Plant. The high blends a gentle combination of physical relaxation and an “up” cerebral element. Many smokers appreciate a well-rounded high that can be savored and appreciated, rather than a whopping stone that requires cautious intake to avoid incapacitation. Taiga is potent yet stays pleasant and happy, allowing one freedom in choosing what to do with it. Taiga’s ease and swiftness in the garden and its functional effects make this strain an all-around pleasant experience.