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Original Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
pure Sativa
Genetics: Landrace Thai
Flowering: 50-80 days
thaiOriginal Seeds is a fantastic breeders’ collective located in a remote part of Russia whose dedication to finding and preserving landrace plants is second to none. As such, this Thai plant is a landrace sativa originally selected from Sahon Nakhon, in the northeast of Thailand near the border with Laos. This plant belongs to the traditional Thai family of cannabis and exhibits a huge number of trichomes and dense inflorescences as well as a high flower-to-leaf ratio. Original Seeds never mixes this Thai strain with plants from any other locality, even other Thais, in order to retain the pure, unadulterated and high quality sativa genetics that everyone so loves.
This Thai strain is an especially vigorous one when allowed to develop in outdoor cultivation. It can, however, be grown smaller indoors, although this of course has some impact on the size of the harvest. It fairs particularly well if given 13 hours of light while still a seedling. This can be shortened to 11 hours after a couple of weeks. These conditions mirror the natural, and therefore ideal, conditions of its Thai homeland and will provide you with a fantastic harvest. Though the first leaves on this plant will be irregular and twisted, the later leaves are more uniform.
As a mountainous Thai plant, this variety will exhibit purplish stems when they start to grow and will then branch out well, negating the need for cropping. Colas will form on all of the side branches in gorgeous abundance, so you might need to stake the plant towards the later stages of flowering to help it carry that huge crop. Another trait that sets this pure strain apart from any Thai hybrids is the absence of hermaphrodites; even stressing the plant with transplanting and the like will not cause hermies – which is great news to any grower.This Thai can be cut after 50 days of flowering, but in order to bring out the real psychoactive qualities, the breeder recommends leaving it for 80 days of flowering so it can be well ripened and at its best for you to smoke.
This variety contains almost no CBD and a high percentage of THC, so the effect is very different from conventional hybrids; there’s no knockout, no ceiling, and no paranoia at all. The smoke tastes unusually sweet for a Thai, and especially if you allow for a longer flowering period, you will find yourself in an extremely positive, psychedelic world that may be far from reality in places but will definitely be a place you’ll want to stay.