The Magician

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The Magician
De Sjamaan
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Genetics: Orange Skunk x White Widow
Flowering: 49-63 days
Harvest: October
THC: 19%
the-magicianDe Sjamaan, based in Holland, has been in business since 1998 but has only recently begun producing lines of feminized and auto-flowering strains for a captive audience. This strain, excitingly named The Magician, promises to act as a living flashback to the first Skunk plants, which were more highly sativa-based and as such gave fantastic head highs. To achieve this, De Sjamaan have crossed Orange Skunk, which has the legendary Skunk #1 in its family, and Amsterdam coffeeshop favorite, White Widow.
A plant that is best grown indoors, The Magician manages to exhibit sativa traits without having too much stretch or growing too leggy. Plants will grow to around 5 feet without being too imposing, but show their sativa genes in the long buds that they produce. Later in the flowering stage these buds begin shimmering with crystals, bringing a welcome amount of “bling” to your grow room!
Be prepared for a bit of time travel when you spark up a stinky joint of The Magician; you’ll be whisked back to the 70s when Skunk was Skunk and hair was long and greasy. The fruity smoke will lift you up and deposit you into a happy, hippy headspace that will make you feel that you were born thirty years too late and that your parents probably had it pretty good at your age.