The Ultimate

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The Ultimate
Dutch Passion
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: undisclosed indica and sativa
Flowering: 56-70 days
the-ultimateThe Ultimate is Dutch Passion’s answer to having your cake and eating it too. This strain is the result of many years of patient and careful breeding, involving literally hundreds of plants and drawing on some of the superstars from Dutch Passion’s seed bank genetics. What makes The Ultimate so superlative in Dutch Passion’s program? Breeding often requires compromises: when flavor and potency are the goal, yields are often lower; likewise, high yielding plants must often settle for average quality and consistency. The Ultimate was designed to sacrifice neither quality nor yield, but rather to deliver both at “ultimate” levels that will please gardener and connoisseur alike.
Combining indica and sativa genetics to create a high quality 50/50 offspring is more difficult than many would expect. The challenge is to fully stabilize characteristics such as height, yield, and consistency of the stone. Beyond it even balance if indica and sativa, the details of The Ultimate’s genetic heritage remain a closely guarded Dutch Passion secret.
The Ultimate grow into a dense stout and resilient plant, reaching average heights of 2-2.5 feet at finish. The short stature is ideally suited to the indoor grower who wants big yields of top-drawer stash but has space limitations. This plant’s uniform growth habits lead to an even canopy in the grow room or greenhouse, which helps to maximize light exposure. Moderate to strong nutrients are recommended during the vegetative phase to help beef up stem sturdiness. This pine-tree shaped plant is best grown with multiple branches, which should be supported due to the stem-breaking heft of its buds. The Ultimate’s hybrid foliage is neither fat nor thin, and may gain red or blue hues as the plants finish. Inexperienced growers should not get too impatient because there is an exceptional growth spurt during the last two weeks of flowering that pumps up yield. These sticky crystal-covered plants exude a strong sweet aroma that may require stealth measures. While it can make nice finger hash, accidental brushing against plant leaves a strong odor on clothes for hours afterwards.
The Ultimate delivers a stone of the highest order. Delicious hints of orange citrus shine through. The flavor sensation is almost tropical and very rich, and the experienced smoker may detect a touch of haze flavors. The high is a heavy-hitter that is best served when relaxing, rather than when activities are on the menu. Friends may want to caution the occasional toker about this strain’s high potency before they inhale. Growers and seasoned smokers are likely to find that this strain lives up to its name in term of its sizeable stash and its connoisseur smoke.