Uncle Glenn’s Revenge

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Uncle Glenn’s Revenge
Michigan MMJ
50 Indica / 50 Sativa
Origins: Michigan Skunk x Harlequin
Flowering: 60-65 days
16.3 THC 12.4 CBD 1.1 CBN
uncle-glenns-revengeUncle Glenn’s Revenge (UGR) was developed by the breeder that made Michigan Skunk. The MI Skunk is known for its production level and the strain potency. Crossing it with Harlequin, a renowned medical strain will be the next strain introduced for michigan medical marijuana patients. UGR is named after a man who enjoyed an occasional smoke as a college student and turned into a business professional who has not touch marijuana for many years. Uncle Glenn this is for you. Lab tested at 16.3THC 12.4CBD 1.1CBN.
Uncle Glenn’s Revenge is a cross between Michigan Skunk and the Cali “clone only” Harlequin. This strain is a nice 50/50 cross but grows like a Sativa. Long stems with buds spaced perfectly to allow light penetration. This pheno allows the buds of the entire plant to be considered grade A. However, she needs weekly attention for pruning. The Indica stands out in the fan leafs and will block the lower half of the plants buds. The buds are dense with a bright green body and light colored hairs; Great Bag Appeal. UGR is also very needed with pH balanced water. This strain was grown organically using Super Soil and compost tea. We strongly recommend patients and caregivers to grow this strain the same way.
Due to the needs of this strain it is not recommended for a beginner. Indoors use nothing less than a 5gl pot for flower due to root production. Prune large fan leafs weekly. Water as needed, do not overwater because of the strains large root production. The plant is needy of properly pH balanced water (5.8 and 6.5) if not you will see color changes in the leafs and a production level will be low. This is a 60-65 day flower time. Allow room for stem stretching.
Outdoors she… is… a… beauty! Large producer, with quality medication. Start around June 15 with a nice clone or a seedling. If started early the plant can not handle the cool nights of April and May. Prune as needed. It is recommended to look in on her at least every other day. Water as needed. During early flower UGR will use 3gl water daily. Outdoors the flower time was 67 days. Not recommended for beginners but do not be afraid of this strain. If you care for her she will give back.