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DJ Short
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: Blueberry Sativa x Original Blueberry
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: October
vanillunaVanilluna – aka “Vanilla Moon” – is a Kush-like quasi-hybrid named for its complex yet subtle creamy vanilla-honeyed palate. This Oregon strain’s parents are both Blueberry in origin. The mother was selected from the BlueberrySativa line, the same seed stock that produced both Blue Satellite and Cocoa Kush. Vanillunna’s particular mother has the characteristics of being larger, mostly green, and symmetric with a distinct dominant main stem, compact nodes, little variegation, and long side branches. It was crossed with DJ Short’s Original Blueberry male, an infamous euphoric berry strain that is an indica-dominant hybrid from Thai and Afghan origins.
Even though both parents derive from Blueberry, the Original Blueberry is an indicatype, while the mother is a sativa type, making Vanilluna closer to an F1 hybrid than an inbred line. Because of their quasi-F1 status, Vanilluna plants present interesting opportunities, making them valuable breed spectrum of quality genetic diversity still contained within, waiting to be coaxed free.
Vanilluna grows to be a medium-tall Kush-like plant with short nodes, uniform growth, large, dark green foliage, and thick yet sturdy hollow stems. The Vanilluna buds grow tight and dense, elongating to form spade-shaped colas. As the flowers take shape over their 8-9 weeks, the calyxes and bracts become completely coated in a sheen of clear trichomes with superior aromatics. Don;t be tempted to harvest too early – the Vanilluna develops the more interesting oils in the very last week of maturity. In order to optimize yields, and extended vegetative time coupled with early topping is recommended. They can also be run un-topped in a sea-of-green type system for good production. At finish, this resin-laden plant is a natural selection for some unique, ultra-potent hash.
Vanilluna possesses flavors that are smooth and creamy with a sweet vanilla taste and a hint of floral bouquet and seet melon musk. The experience is top-shelf quality, with a comfortable entry and an enduring dreamy effect that induces calmness and clarity. It is a good variety for relaxation and reducing anxiety, a tasty treat for the palate, and a bubble bath for the nerves.