Very Berry Haze

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Very Berry Haze
Origins: East coast strains
Flowering: 70-80 days
Harvest: mid October
very-berry-hazeThis Haze plant is a U.S. native, coming from East Coast genetics that were passed along to the medical marijuana breeders at Apothecary. It is a pure sativa strain, and as such is best grown as an indoor or greenhouse plant, outside of the equatorial zones.
Very berry hazes exhibit all of the stereotypical qualities of the haze-dominant sativas. They grow rapidly into jumbo plants, shooting out a profuse number of long flexible branches with many bud sites. Because of their tendencies, they are really only suitable as multi-branch plants. they should be started in flowering quickly in order to keep heights reasonable. Indoor plants that are forced at 6 inch heights can finish about 10 weeks later at 4 feet. They can finish outdoors by first of November in appropriate regions of California, growing to 12 feet when started at 8 inches. Very Berry’s foliage is a lush green with thin leaflets, and may be prone to developing mold if attempted in colder climates, or if the indoor room is kept at brisk temperatures. These plants are most suitable for soil-based gardens.
Very Berry buds begin as little popcorn-ball formations that elongate to create large buds by harvest. In a sunny outdoor environment, Very Berry haze can yield prodigiously, reaching harvests up to 19 pounds. Indoor yields per plant depend on gardening style, and can range between 1-8 ounces per plant.
The Very Berry Haze acquired her name for her delicious flavor, which Apothecary compares to the more obscure boysenberry. This berry, named after its breeder Rudolph Boysen, combines the raspberry, blackberry and loganberry, for a fruit that is more pungent and earthy than its relatives. Fans of the berry will begin to smell the edge of fruit as these plants rech maturity, and will find a jammy-sweet, robust boysenberry taste to the finished product. The high is the soaring, awake and mentally refreshing influence of the haze sativa. It’s a bliss-out for beach or mountain solitudes, or something to be shared with a sweetheart when you want to just kick back together and reflect with gratitude on the mysteries of being alive.