Violet Thai

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Violet Thai
OtherSide Farms
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Genetics: pure Violet Thai
Flowering: 11 weeks
THC: 22%
violet-thaiThe fantastic OtherSide Farms team are based in the U.S., and are on a mission to teach the world about medical marijuana. As well as grow classes and fantastic information, they dispense some wicked strains, including a few of their own creations like this Violet Thai. The genetics originally come from the beautiful island of Ko Chang in Thailand, which is right on the border with Myanmar just off the west coast of the country. OtherSide Farms have stabilized this strain in order to bring it to their patients, as the THC content is one of the highest of any cannabis variety in the world, making it great medicine for those who need it.
With such genuine Thai genetics, this strain was always going to be one of those gorgeously tropical cannabis plants, and it doesn’t disappoint on this front. Violet Thai grows as a very tall plant, with lots of those telltale sativa leaves: long and pointy with serrated edges. Despite being so obviously sativa in appearance, this plant only takes 11 weeks to be fully finished, unlike the 13 to 14 week flowering times of some other pure sativa strains. This makes it all the more unique and easy to grow. Although it can be grown indoors, its sheer size means that an outdoor grow will always be preferable. If growing indoors, be sure to keep good ventilation at all times, as this encourages stronger stem growth which will help later in the flowering stage. Even when growing outside, some LST can be helpful, otherwise by the time harvest rolls around you might find yourself unable to reach the top branches to check if the buds are done! The heat of its natural climate means that it has also grown very resistant to mold problems, which is great news for both indoor and outdoor growers.
Violet Thai has become well known and certainly well loved in its native area, especially among OtherSide Farms’ loyal medicinal patients. The most loved thing about this strain is not its size or its yield, but its potency, and its ability to treat pain, anxiety, and lack of appetite. Boasting one of the highest THC contents in the world, this is a great medical strain and gives a very, very energetic effect that lasts seemingly forever. Though this might make you feel a little scattered if you overindulge, the right amount can get you dancing through the day like one of those irritating people who always say they’re “high on life”. I’ve been high on life, and it was alright, but I much prefer being high on weed.

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