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Apothecary Seeds
Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Pez x Purple Cherry
Flowering: 58-65 days
Harvest: early October
waldoWaldo got its name not from the elusive character of children’s books, but as a tribute to a medical marijuana patient activist and friend of the Apothecary breeders. The Waldocannabis strain is well adapted to cool climates, growing with incredible vigor even in the Netherlands.
A patch of this 7-foot plant might look more like a Christmas tree farm than a pot grove. Outdoor finishing time is fast – buds are ready for harvest by early autumn. In more conducive latitudes, Waldo can reach monster sizes. Plants that were started early and vegetated indoors reportedly grew to multi-meter heights and breadths, and yielded nearly 2000 grams per plant.
The indoor-cultivated Waldo is a scaled down version of its outdoor sibling, reaching an average height of about one meter (3 feet). These little sisters still spread their stout branches wide and average 2-4 feet in diameter – almost as wide or wider than their height.These plump gals will have to be trimmed to fit their ideal size and space of one plant per square foot. Apothecary recommends organic fertilizers regardless of growing method, with the understanding that the fewer synthetic chemicals fed to a medicinal plant, the better.
Clean, organic growing also contributes to a cooler, smoother smoke and a distinct aroma from dried buds. Waldo burns spicy and pungent, maybe a little musty, like a warm, spicy red wine. The high is a thought-expander, like sativa, but with some body stoniness and durability from its indica heritage. This is the kind of balanced experience sought by social smokers as well as connoisseurs looking for a new mainstay smoke that will continue to deliver over time.