Whitaker Blues

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Whitaker Blues
DJ Short
Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Origins: Quimby x Blueberry
Flowering: 55-62 days
whitaker-bluesWhitaker Blues is a true Oregon heritage cross developed by DJ Short’s son, JD. The mother of this strain is currently referred to as “Quimby”; an old-school West Coast staple reminiscent of a classic, early indica lineage. Quimby is strong and sleepy in its effect. The father is Blueberry, also originating from the West Coast of the US, mixing Oaxaca, Thai, and Afghani genetics.
This West Coast marriage makes Whitaker Blues an indica-dominant strain, and the indica background is prominent is its growth characteristics. This strain is a stout, short branching hybrid that sports large, compact and highly resinous buds. Whitaker’s growth is both vigorous and productive, performing well in either hydro or soil and proving resilient to many minor garden fluctuations. It finishes after 55-62 days of flowering, and hues of violet and blue creep in toward the end of the flowering cycle. At finish, Whitaker Blues plants are medium-short in stature with thick leaves and large, chunky buds.
Whitaker Blues has a complex and enchanting smell that ranges from pungent to sweet. One may get hints of a floral berry candy, a more astringent grapefruit citrus, a honeyed sweetness, or a musky pungency. The flavor is both pungent and sweet, with a distinct velvety grape flavor and a mild suggestion of vanilla.
This mostly indica strain mixes the high profiles of its parents in sequence, beginning with a strong initial stimulating and slightly giddy effect that increases inspiration, sensuality, and appetite, leading to munchies. This is followed by the Quimby’s more sedate, dreamy sensations that may make napping or day-dreaming much more entertaining.