White Dwarf

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White Dwarf

Seed Bank: Buddha Seeds

Genetics: Ruderalis/Indica

After more than 10 years working with White Dwarf, from the crossing of two powerful, reborn White Dwarf # 2 and an enhanced version further highlighting its height, power and stability.
It has the backing of more than 35 generations of this gene that filled the balconies and terraces of the cannabicultures at the beginning of autoflowering varieties, which sought discretion to the prying eyes.

It stays true to the needs of growers more impatient and want quick crops, but does not disappoint for its increased potential of real indica that will leave you relaxed.

Now stands for greater height and its strong structure that allows you to keep the weight of its dense and crystalline buds.

Their resistance to pests keep it as a safe bet for novice growers.

Flowering 65 days