White Haze

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White Haze
White Label Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Genetics: Unknown Haze Hybrid
Flowering: 50-70 days
THC: 18%
white-hazeBased in Amsterdam, White Label Seeds are a well respected seed company who’ve improved on many classic strains through their fantastic breeding programs. One of these improved strains is White Haze, which is a variation of one of the most popular sativas, Haze. Though they’re keeping the genetic formation of this strain under their hat, we know that the original Haze was a pure sativa blend of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Indian genetics with massive growth and huge sparkling colas. As a member of the Haze family, White Haze has kept the crystalline buds and the vigor, but with some indica influence the nugs have filled out on the inside and now give a balanced head and body high that some say is even better than a Haze high.
Two of the main problems with growing pure sativas like Haze are the size of the plants and the flowering times. Sativas, especially landrace sativas, can grow extremely large, making them both unsuitable for indoor growing and a nightmare to look after even outdoors. By bringing an indica influence to the sativa genetics, White Label have tamed the growth of Haze without compromising the yield. The maximum height of White Haze sits around the 6 foot mark, so although the plants aren’t exactly at the Danny DeVito stature, they’re capable of being grown indoors or in a greenhouse and can be kept even smaller with training and topping. The presence of indica genetics also brings the flowering time to a more acceptable level, and keeps the vegetative stage shorter than normal with a Haze. Careful growers can keep the height at a Tom Cruise level, or, if they’re lucky, a Michael J. Fox.
50 to 70 days after you force White Haze into flowering, you should be able to swipe a harvest of around 125 grams per plant, depending on how high your plants stand. When growing, you should decide what your priority is; if it is yield, let them grow bigger, but if its ease and space, keep them small. Either way, you’ll get a solid stash that’s covered in resin glands and shines like a movie star’s teeth.
There’s a reason that people go through the rigmarole of growing the tallest, most space hogging sativa strains, and that’s because the high is absolutely phenomenal. White Label knows this, and they’ve managed to maintain this trait even when introducing indica genetics. The soaring, brainy high is pure sativa, and the taste will leave you in no doubt that this is a Haze. Yet the weight in your eyelids is a little prod from the indica that says it’s still there – and that’s what makes White Haze a definite winner.