White Light

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White Light
Soma Seeds
Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins: White Widow x Bubblegum
Flowering: 70-84 days
Harvest: mid November
white-lightWhite Light is a cannabis strain thoroughbred derived from two popular, multiple award-winning strains, the tasty Bubble Gum and the potent White Widow. Bubble Gum dates back to the 1970s pot underground in the United States while the younger White Widow became a Dutch coffeehouse staple in the 1990s. White Light is a trans-Atlantic marriage made in Amsterdam.
Bubble Gum strains grow in two phenotypes: one is the traditional “Christmas-tree” shape, and the other is a vertical “pole” pattern with few branches and large top colas. Bubble Gum’s daughter White Light is all pole – thus very suitable for sea of green planting. Her big top growth sports hard, compact buds. The plant rises to 3 feet indoors. When grown outdoors, in the tropical climate she loves, she can reach a gargantuan 12 feet.
If necessary, height can be controlled by clipping and keeping the vegetative phase to a minimum by flower forcing early. White Light’s leaves and buds have inherited the copious resin production of her White Widow father. For the overeager, finger hash can be made by rubbing the sweet, clear THC crystals off the plant after her sixth week of flowering.
Soma selects plants for their potential medicinal value as well as pleasure. White Light is nerve balm with good potential as a painkiller. However, the pleasure aspect is far from forgotten. It begins with the tasty sweet smoke, and builds slowly as a strong end-of-the-day relaxer high. Speaking of pleasure, this variety is rumored to have a touch of aphrodisiac in the mix.