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Humboldt has a long and rich history of cultivating cannabis.
During the late ‘60’s many people started to migrate north from San Francisco into the deep untouched landscape of the Pacific Northwest.
These “free spirited hippies” seeking an alternative and more sustainable means of existence created a “Back to the Land” movement.
Living with fewer amenities, minimal material possessions and very distant from the populous of California cultivated an ideology that would eventually transform an entire region.

Filled with a deeper connection to the Earth, this seclusion provided a safe and exploratory space for many to participate in the evolution of what is modern cannabis.
Renown for quality for more than 40 years, the region has pushed the boundaries of what is possible from both cultivation and regulation for the state and nationwide.
Humboldt County has become the highest concentration of progressive organic gardening techniques maintained by the some of the best growers and elite genetics in the world today.

Dready Kush

Posted 07 years 06 months 26 days 17 hours 44 minutes ago. 427
Dready Kush Humboldt Seed Organisation Indica Origins: original Hindu Kush x Hindu Kush Flowering: 63-70 days Dready Kush is an all-indica strain with strong roots in cannabis meccas both east and wes


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Veryberry Humboldt Seed Organisation Sativa 85 / Indica 15 Origins: Swiss Strawberry Haze x Hindu Kush Flowering: 56 days Veryberry is a heavy sativa strain selected for its uplifting high and density