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Angel Heart

Seed Bank: Mr. Nice Seeds

Genetics: Mostly Sativa

Origins: Mango Haze x Afghan Skunk
Genetics: 12.5% NL5, 25% Haze, 25% Afghan and 37.5% Skunk
Breeder: Neville and Shantibaba
Flowering: 60-70 days
Harvest: early October
Yield: 400-600 grams per square meter

If there was a plant close to perfect in flavor I would advocate this one.
It will leave your mouth watering, and the body wanting more.
The possible complex interaction and combinations of terpenes will simply amaze all that grow her and the remedy for others will flow from the taste. This hybrid should be expected to flower in an indoor grow for 60-70 days.
In the northern hemisphere one would expect it to be ready by early October.
In the southern hemisphere it should go till end of March, possibly mid March if the season is favorable.
An expected yield per square meter would be between 400 -600 grams, but there will be surprising plants in this hybrid.
Let the Angel’s heart beat in you!

Origins Mango Haze x Afghan Skunk
Flowering 60-70 Days