Auto Lemon Skunk

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Auto Lemon Skunk
Low Life Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Autoflowering Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Origins: Skunk #1 (Lemon Phenotype) x Lowryder
Harvest: 10 weeks from seeds
THC: 16%
auto-lemon-skunkLow Life Seeds, based in the UK, is a breeders’ collective focusing on strains that encompass the auto-flowering properties of the Joint Doctor’s famous Lowryder strain. This time, they have bred the plant with a lemon phenotype of the equally famous Skunk 1, which is arguably North America’s most well known and sought after bud. Generations of backcrossing has stabilized this Lowryder offspring and created a fantastic plant for any cultivator to work with.
Low Life’s love for their Lemon Skunk clone mother has surpassed many relationships, and is now well past its fifteenth year. The lemon phenotype was discovered in 1994 and she has been grown every season since. This is an especially short sativa dominant hybrid, rarely growing beyond a foot in size, and so is a very suitable plant for growers with limited space. The autoflowering characteristics also make this a great choice for those short not only on space, but on time too, and in fact this should be considered one of the ultimate plants for any stealth grow.
Once flipped into the flowering period, Auto Lemon Skunk will form a massive central cola with very minimal branching. The crop grows in a very uniform manner with symmetrical plants, and finishing in just 10 weeks from seed, she’s largely trouble free and can adapt to many different growing mediums, although she isnt suitable for planting directly into the ground.
Be aware that Auto Lemon Skunk is susceptible to drying out and is intolerant to growing situations where its root space is restricted. To combat these concerns, ensure that in the first few weeks the soil is always moist to the touch, and transplant into larger containers when you think it is necessary. The more room the roots have, the greater the growth. Be sure not to overfeed, and take measures to protect against spider mites, as their commitment to getting at your poor Auto Lemon Skunk plants is as impressive as it is annoying.
While its auto flowering trait may be the main reason to grow this strain, the main reason to smoke it is its gorgeous aroma with a high to match: a fantastically balanced blend of a speedy sativa high and an indica couch lock. This balance means that you can smoke Auto Lemon Skunk all day, and as long as you dont get too carried away and start rolling epic face-melters, you can coast through to nightfall on the lemony smoke with no problems at all.