Big Bang

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Big Bang

Seedbank: Greenhouse Seed Company

Genetics: Indica 70%, Sativa 30%

Skunk x Northern Light x El Niño
Awards: 3rd prize HTCC 2000

The Big Bang is a strong, explosive indica, ideal in 5-gallon (20L) containers, as well as for SOG or SCROG systems.
This fast, compact plant forms a plump firework of a bush.
Big Bang can take a lot of feeding, and will pop out some very smelly buds that can give your air filters a run for their money.

EFFECTS – Well-known for its medicinal properties, it is sold in the Dutch pharmacies as prescription- medicine.
Relaxing and calming effect, good for pain control and appetite stimulation.

FLOWERING INDOOR – 9 weeks will guarantee the full range of cannabinoids.
Commercially ready in 8 weeks.
Yield up to 800 gr/m.2.
Very good on ScrOG systems.

FLOWERING OUTDOOR – Ready at the end of September (North hemisphere)
with a production up to 1000 gr/plant.
Very short, branchy, bushy plant;
it grows naturally wider than taller.

Indica 70%
Sativa 30%
Origins Skunk x Northern Light x El Niño
Flowering 9 weeks
THC 19.8%