Cannalope Haze

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Cannalope Haze
DNA Genetics
Origins: Haze x Michoacan Sativa
Flowering: 58-65 days
Harvest: late October
cannalope-hazeCannalope Haze is the sativa gardener’s ideal synthesis. DNA began with a quality cannabis sativa, then backcrossed and selected to achieve a shorter season and higher yield than is typical of these equatorial natives. This plant has pure sativa roots with a hint of haze mixed in, and finishes in a speedy 8-9 weeks. Outdoors, she finishes at the end of October when grown in California. or other Mediterranean, wine-growing type of climates. Colder and darker climates may mean a later finish.
The physiognomy of this plant is typically one main cola with small side branches, so unlike many sativas, Cannalope Haze can be cultivated in a sea of green style. The average height is 1 to 1.5 meters (3-5 feet). DNA prefers soil over hydroponic methods for Cannalope.
The average plant will deliver about 3/4 ounces when flowered after a two week vegetative period. The buds are tight and compact with very thin leaves. She stays light green throughout her cycle. Trichome frost appears early in flowering, but patient growers will be rewarded if they allow Cannalope to reach a full meter of height before they start harvesting.
The smell of this variety when properly cured is reminiscent of fresh-cut cantaloupe with a hint of haze aftertaste. Cannalope Haze also has a surprising intensity for a sativa. DNA calls it a “cut-through” high, meaning that smoking the Cannalope Haze usually makes its unique qualities felt, even cutting through a pre-existing buzz. Indeed, the potency may floor some smokers, and for most it is probably best to save this pot for an afternoon 4:20 smoke or for later in the evening unless it is a special wake-and-bake occasion.