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Seedbank: CannaBioGen

Genetics: Sativa

Mostly Jamaica x Jamaica/NL5Haze Sativa

A first rate backcross (Jamaica x Jamaica / NL5 / Haze) between a Dutch champion NL-5, a pure Haze and a stallion of Jamaica extraordinary Lambsbread very stable, from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, which have achieved a incredible climax sativa and high performance, while has better adapted to indoor growing.

It stresses its high resistance to disease and mold in humid climates.

Time seems to stop and senses are sharpened.

It is by far a gem of sativas that professional breeders would like to have in your collection.

The long flowering period is more than compensated.

Shortening the light period incrementally from 12 to 8 hours in the last two weeks to augment resin production and to avoid typical sativa re-flowering.

Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance.

Origins Mostly Jamaica x Jamaica/NL5Haze Sativa
Flowering 70 - 80 days