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Pitt Bully Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Auto Flowering Sativa
Genetics: AK-47 x unknown Ruderalis
Flowering: 40 days
THC: 16-19%
cetmePitt Bully Seeds are a Spanish company with a fantastic range of both feminized and auto-flowering strains available. Cetme, which means “rifle” in Spanish, began life as an AK-47 plant from Serious Seeds. AK-47 is a mostly sativa strain that has Colombian, Thai, Afghani, and Mexican heritage and has become known worldwide for its quality. The breeders then crossed this plant with an equally impressive ruderalis variety to give it auto flowering traits, and in doing so took an already fantastic plant and made it much easier to cultivate.
Born after years of study, research and experimentation with the AK-47 parent and different breeding techniques, Cetme is a definite all-levels plant and can be grown by all growers. In comparison, AK-47 is known to be a strain best suited to those with more knowledge of growing pot, so if you’re one of those people who can kill a Tamagotchi in under 48 hours then Cetme might be a better choice for you.
After the seeds have sprouted and have grown into small seedlings, they should be planted directly into pots of around 6 or 7 liters with good quality soil. Be careful not to water them too much in the vegetative stage – the soil should be mostly dry before you water them each time. Once she’s flipped herself into flowering (and because this is an auto flowering variety, no change of light cycle will be necessary) you can increase the watering schedule to a more usual level. At this stage the plants can also deal well with nutrient feeding, although if they have shown weak growth in the vegetative stage, a clean water feed would be best.
Cetme’s vegetative stage will last for 40 days with a similar flowering time, and the plant will not grow beyond 2 feet, which makes this one of the most compact sativa dominant varieties available. This is great news for closet growers who might be tiring of their indica stash! Although the small stature does compromise the size of harvest somewhat, you should be able to get a healthy 40 grams from each plant.
Much like the AK-47, Cetme is a one hitter strain that can debilitate the newbie smoker and will absolutely delight your hardcore potheads. Be sure not to tell your friends how easy it is to grow though – let them think you’re an expert grower while they’re tripping out on how good your stash is!