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Cheese #1
Kaliman Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
mostly Sativa
Genetics: original Exodus Cheese clone
Flowering: 8-11 weeks
Yield: 500-600 grams per square meter
cheese1UK-based Kaliman Seeds are onto a winner with their flagship baby Cheese #1, which is derived solely from the 1989 UK Exodus Cheese clone. This came about whilst the breeder, Rockster, was working on an Exodus Cheese x Skunk #1 cubing project which produced a strain with a very strong cheese-dominant taste combined with a marked citrus component from the Skunk #1 father. During this work a tray of twenty Exodus clones was put into flower and oddly two of these clones grew out as perfectly normal 100% looking males!
The resulting pollen was used to dust sister Exodus clones and when the seeds were grown out, every pheno produced bud that was indistinguishable in blind taste tests from the original. Cheese #1 is a light to medium feeder, finishes in 8-11 weeks, and gives an average yield. There are four main morphological phenotypes, although all are identical in chemotype / resin profile to the original. There is a short, more squat indica type that finishes fully in 56 days, with the more sativa types taking up to 11 weeks.
Anyone who was lucky enough to smoke the original UK Exodus Cheese back in the 80s will find themselves transported back, as it is supposedly exactly the same dank, heavy taste as that original plant.