Cocoa Kush

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Cocoa Kush
DJ Short
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: Blueberry sativa x Original Blueberry
Flowering: 55-65 days
Harvest: October
cocoa-kushCocoa Kush is a 2009 release from the stables of the Delta-9 collection. It was developed on the US West Coast and tested in Oregon and California. DJ Short’s breeding work is most strongly associated with his development of the original Blueberry. A meticulous breeder, DJ has mostly worked to expand the Blue family, creating boutique strains for the medical or hobby grower that are stable, uniquely flavorful first-class headstash.
Cocoa Kush is no exception. Sister to the Vanilluna, Cocoa Kush is a selection of two Blueberry parents. Even though they are both Blueberries, they embody different variations: the mother is a more sativa type, and the father is a “stretch” indica type, making Cocoa Kush more similar to an F1 hybrid than an inbred line. The F1 seeds are uniform, but offer genetic diversity in additional crosses. Cococa Kush’s Blueberry sativa mother forms asymmetric growth and often has no dominant main stem. Less than a quarter of the leaves show variegation (the “krinkle” leaf characteristic). By finish, this plant ranges into the deep blue and lavender hues so often associated with the Blueberry strain, and her flavors are tangy, with a subtle chocolate palate.
The Blue family originated with crosses of four pure P1 landrace varieties – The Highland Thai, Chocolate Thai, Highland Oaxaca Gold, and Afghan indica. The Cocoa Kush is aesthetically and experientially reminiscent of its grandmamma Chocolate Thai. Structurally, Cocoa Kush blends kush characteristics and Thai influences. With some help from the indica-leaning Blueberry papa, Cocoa Kush grows as a uniform and symmetric plant with fat dark leaves and compact nodes, but it is not as thickset as an indica, incorporating an open or stretchy aspect in its structure from the sativa lines. Extending vegetative time coupled with early topping is recommended to increase yield, or run these plants un-topped in a sea of green system. After 8-9 weeks of flowering time, these plants reach a medium height with sturdy stems and ample resin that emanates high-end aromatics. Cocoa colas are tight and elongated lavender foxtails. The swollen purpled calyxes are like bunches of grapes along a vine.
Cocoa Kush excels in its complex yet subtle flavors. DJ is a taste master, and with Cocoa Kush, the mixture of flavors includes a zesty fruit edge with a blend of chocolate, tobacco, licorice, and nuts. Remember riding a rollercoaster? That moment right after the pause at the top of the first peak, when the wheels start to roll forward into the swift and exhilirating ride ahead? The initial hit of Cocoa Kush has that breathless quality to it. Its intense beginning may make occasional or light users anxious or momentarily overwhelmed. However, not to worry, the sensation tapers into a more mellow, sleepy, and dreamy state of mind.