Critical +

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Critical +

Seed Bank: Dinafem Seeds

Genetics: Sativa/Indica (50%-50%)

Critical + from Dinafem Seeds is probably the #1 cannabis strain in Spain. It’s a mix between the wonderful genes of 2 amazing plants: Big Bud x Skunk (50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid). Critical + is definitely one of the best commercial strains out there. It’s an incredible good producer; 650-700 grams/m2 is not an exception! Besides the potentially enormous harvest possibilities, it leaves the user with an incredible high. Critical + produces a very strong and intense fruity Skunk smell, so indoor growers certainly need to take care of some odour control. Critical + grows very fast during its vegetative period, so it might be a good idea to control the height before it starts to flower. If you give the plant some space, it will grow a lot of serious side branches with large colas. You just can’t go wrong with Critical +. Totally recommended!