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Origins: Afghan x Afghan / Skunk
Flowering: 56-70 days
Harvest: late October
devilBreeder Shantibaba likes to play with the names he gives various breeds by rehabilitating words with negative connotations and applying them to something good. As he says, “Face it, devils are not so bad at certain times!”
This Devil’s Afghani pedigree has given it a reddish aura that deepens as it matures. The leaves turn purple to red, like the color of autumn, and are typically thick and fan-like in shape. The bud is a cluster of flowers and goes from dark green to purple to red as it finishes. Unlike many Afghanis, this hybrid is only a moderate resin producer.
The buzz will take you on a magical mind journey that can be wonderfully therapeutic and uplifting. This Devil is a good companion for exciting and adventurous undertakings. The bouquet is sweet like an apple orchard, while the taste also includes the parental skunk influence.
An easy-to-grow plant, Devil is recommended for the novice and is a great selection for outdoor or greenhouse growers. Although it shows growth initially, watch out once it has established its root ball. This plant finishes by October in the Northern hemisphere, June / July in the Southern hemisphere. If you try this one indoors, it must be placed in vegetative growth for at least 2 weeks if yield is the prime directive.