Diamond Head

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Diamond Head
Origins: Flow x atypical Flow
Flowering: 55-60 days
Harvest: early October
diamond-headDiamond Head is the name of the large volcano that glimmers like a jewel on Oahu’s emerald skyline. Held in “high esteem” by the locals, honored by the chiefs, and enjoyed by anyone with an appreciation for Mother Nature’s beauty, Diamond Head evokes the vision of what Sagarmatha believes to be her version of primo pakalolo.
To make Diamond head, a mother Flow plant was crossed with an atypical Flow male that exhibited a Hawaiian phenotype. Diamond Head displays a mostly sativa growth pattern – slender serrated purple leaves and elongated purple buds plump with sticky crystalline trichomes. Everything about this plant is sativa except for the large, dense flower tops and spongy buds, which have a slight indica profile.
Diamond head would love to grow on the tropical mountainsides of Hawaii, but any garden where plants can continue to ripen into mid or late October will suffice. For indoor growing, Sagarmatha prefers soil. Sea of green or clipping and branching are both viable approaches. Many of her big, lovely buds can be picked early. The buds are usually the diameter of a large broom handle and about 8-20 cm (3-8 inches) in length with a heavy, bread-like density. The plants reach 6-8 feet outdoors, 3-5 feet indoors, and can be harvested twice in regions with long growing seasons.
Hawaii’s mountain forests smell of clean wet greenery with ahint of hibiscus and pineapple. This is also a good description of Diamond Head’s palate. The high comes on smooth and easy, with a feeling of mental peacefulness but not physical lethargy. Diamond head suits tokers who wish to remain active and creative; programmers, musicians and especially romantics are among those who benefit from Diamond Head’s pleasures.