Dutch Haze

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Dutch Haze
Dutch Passion Seeds
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
Genetics: Unknown Haze x Unknown Indica
Flowering: 63-77 days
THC: 18%
dutch-hazeDutch Passion has been in operation for over twenty years now and has one of the best reputations in the business, and deservedly so. They were one of the first Amsterdam based companies and certainly one with the most longevity, which surely says more about the quality of their original strains than I ever could. This one, known as Dutch Haze, just in case you’re in any confusion about where this company is from, is their answer to many requests for a true Haze strain that delivers great yields with shorter flowering times. To achieve this, their breeders bred a pure Haze plant with their best indica, shortening not only the flowering time but the height of the plant, too, making this a strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors with no problem at all – which should be good news for all those Dutch Passion fans whose prayers have been answered.
Dutch Haze seeds tend to germinate in around 2 days, at which point they should be carefully transplanted into their first pots. They tend to be resistant to both mold and spider mites, though you should always check for both. A short vegetative stage of 3 weeks will keep the plants fairly compact without compromising the weight of the eventual harvest too much. With this timing, plants will grow to about 4-5 feet at the very most, which should be small enough for most indoor setups and greenhouses. However, it should be noted that while these plants start out looking very much like indicas, their sativa traits will be exposed later in their grow so a considerable amount of stretch can occur in the first few weeks of flowering. To prepare for this, plant any stake or netting at the start of the vegetative period, or it can be too late by the time they flower. Make sure that your lights are not too far away from the tips of the plants, or they will stretch even further to reach the light. After 30 days in the flowering period, no more stretching should happen. At the end of flowering, after around 11 weeks, the top colas especially should enjoy a very high calyx to leaf ratio, and all the buds will be covered in resin, so much that looking at your crop is like looking at a field of Christmas trees, all covered in tinsel.
Haze is one of the most popular types of sativa, and this popularity has a lot to do with the type of high that this strain gives, which is almost beyond words. A soaring, exhilaratingly cerebral rush of energy takes hold and doesn’t let up, leaving you almost literally walking on air.