Fuma Con Dios

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Fuma Con Dios
Flying Dutchmen
Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Genetics: Haze x Skunk F1
Flowering: 60-85 days
THC: 16%
fuma-con-diosFlying Dutchmen have been working out of Holland for almost fifteen years now, and in that time have enjoyed widespread acclaim for their use of “true breeding” strains as the basis for their original varieties. Their Fuma Con Dios strain, the name of which is Spanish for “Smoke with God”, is a crossbreed of a pure Haze plant from the 70s with a Skunk F1, a plant that would surely fetch a high price in anyone’s mind. Such rare and quality genetic building blocks could not fail to produce a phenomenal plant, and as such, Fuma Con Dios might just fulfill the promise that its name makes.
Fuma Con Dios seeds are always light rather than dark, and enjoy a high rate ofgermination – so be wary if you receive darker seeds that are slow to germinate, as they might not be true seeds of this strain. This F1 hybrid plant has dominant sativa genes, and grows with a typical sativa appearance right from the get-go. If growing from a clone, which is often a more successful and reliable way of starting a plant than growing from seeds, you can put your little ladies into a 12/12 flowering cycle almost immediately. Of course, this can only happen if you have a source of clones, so research the dispensaries in your area and you might get lucky.
The indica genetics present in the Skunk father mean that Fuma Con Dios plants will only reach around 6 feet in height, making them perfect for greenhouse cultivation or outdoor crops. This same set of genes allows the plant to fully flower in 12 weeks. Commercial growers will love this particular trait, as pure Haze plants are often too much work and take too long to be worthwhile for them; with Fuma Con Dios, they can regularly harvest large amounts of a Haze derivative strain, and can get on with shifting that to their Haze-hungry customers instead of camping out for weeks on end to make sure their precious ladies aren’t being found. This amount of caution would be totally justified; by the end of flowering these plants will be absolutely covered in bud sites, with the whole top of the plants swimming in pointed, lengthy and delicious looking buds.
The harvested nugs, once dried, will show their indica influence in their density and their attractiveness. The smoke is smooth and clear, with a fruity taste and a sharp sweetness that is 100% Haze, as you would expect from a sativa strain so close to the original 70s Haze plant. The complex taste and smell could leave you pondering for hours if your brain didn’t take off running within a few seconds of toking and refuse to stop for hours.