Golden Tiger

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Golden Tiger

Seed Bank: A.C.E. Seeds

Genetics: 100% Sativa

In Golden Tiger feminized we have combined different extremely potent and resinous sativas from Malawi and Thailand.

The outcome is a 100 % sativa hybrid with great vegetative strength, remarkable for its overpowering potency and its exceptional floral traits. The flowers overflow, forming dense buds with little leaves. The trichomes are huge, plentiful and loaded with powerful cannabinoids.

This feminized version of Golden Tiger has stronger Thai influence, is better yielding and has more refined aromas than the standard version, but the flowering time is slightly longer.

Concretely, Golden Tiger feminized contains 2 Thai strains (Koh Chang Thai and Hmong Thai), and 2 different Malawi parental plants: the old killer Malawi and the 3rd generation new Malawi killer.

Golden Tiger is an excellent alternative to the haze sativas. It will fascinate the most demanding growers, looking for new sativa experiences of the highest order.

Sativa 100%
Origins Old Malawi killer, Koh Chang Thai, Hmong Thai and new Malawi killer
Flowering 11 - 15 weeks
THC 20 - 25 %