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Green House Thai

Seedbank: Green House Seed Company

Genetics: Sativa

Thai X Laos

One of the most well branded seed companies in the world, Green House are like that kid in school who manages to be both popular and attractive while getting fantastic grades, and looks like he’s having ridiculous amounts of fun doing so.
Not only does this company party with Snoop Dogg and Woody Harrelson, they also drop a pioneering bomb once in a while, like the introduction of their color coded seeds.

Effect: Extremely high and introspective experience. woody flavor, very complex

Flowering indoor: 13 to 15 weeks with a yield of 500-600 gr/sqm. Tall plant with long internode. ideal for scrog and lst.

Flowering outdoor: It finishes in December in the Northern Hemisphere or June in the Southern. Production up to 800 gr. per plant.

Origins Thai X Laos
Flowering 13 - 15 weeks
THC 17.7%