Hash Heaven

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Hash Heaven
Soma Seeds
Indica 50 / Sativa 50
Origins: Hash Plant x Lavender x G-13 Haze
Flowering: 70-84 days
Harvest: mid November
hash-heavenHash Heaven is one of several crosses Soma has made from the G-13 genetics brought to Amsterdam by the seed breeder Neville in the 1980s. Neville successfully crossed G-13 (anindica strain developed in the Northwest) with classic haze genetics to produce a strong, kind and balanced stone. Soma acquired the G-13 Haze from Neville and carefully added its sweet strength to the signature qualities of several other varieties. Here, weed strains have been crossed with an eye toward hash production and quality, for growers who put hash first. If you put hash first, this strain promises a little piece of Hash Heaven.
This 50/50 hybrid is a hardy plant that pulls through adversities, but getting this plant to perform at at its optimum requires a little previous growing experience on the resume. Hash Heaven is suitable for indoor grows unless you are in a semi-tropical location with a long growing season. Soma recommends potting in soil with bat guano and other organic nutrients.
Hash Heaven branches extensively and delivers an impressive per plant yield of 40-60 grams, while staying at a manageable size of 4-5 feet. This is Soma’s highest-yielding plant, a reward for the grower’s patience during the 10-12 week flowering cycle before harvesting.
Her colas are dark bananas or impressively firm, compact flowers framed by minimal foliage. The dank and spicy hash smell starts to emanate from these plants shortly after they enter the flowering phase, and delivers in the final product as a satisfying hashy tang.
Hash heaven has been lovingly bred by a devotee to hash, Soma himslef. This strain offers a functional and awake high – a sweet cream poured in the coffee of your day, preferably a day of active play rather than intense work. The buzz is a creeper and takes its time landing, but once it does it can carry you through an afternoon in a pleasantly invirogated yet laid back state. Soma recommends this variety as a compliment to a little afternoon delight with your sweetheart. Medical marijuana users have found it to be a strong antidote for many types of chronic pain.