Jack F6

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Jack F6
Sannie’s Seeds
Origins: Sannie’s Jack F5 x Sannie’s Jack F4
Flowering: 84-98 days
jack-f6Jack Herer has become a classic strain known for its freshness and uplifting effects. The original Jack Herer variety combined a multiple-hybrid Haze with a sativa–indicaSkunk. Sannie’s Jack was developed to create a consistently sativa-dominant Jack Herer variety. Both parents come from inbred lines of Sannie’s Jack.
Sannie’s Jack F6 develops like a real sativa, with thin leaves, and fast growth. It is advisable to not vegetate these ladies for too long since they continue to grow for 4 weeks after the 12/12 lighting switch. While they do shoot up quickly, Sannie’s Jack F6 is not a branchy plant that tends to form a big main bud, making it suitable for a sea of green method. Nine plants per square meter are recommended for maximizing space without overcrowding. Screen of green techniques also work well.
Sannie’s Jack F6 forms big foxtail buds that build up a heavy coat of trichomes. The buds are compact and powerful, like a bodybuilder’s upper arm. These colas require support structures to keep them upright. The foliage stays an intense green during flowering. Average yields in a well tender garden range around an impressive 600 grams (over a pound) per square meter.
These translucent crystal-dense buds produce a clear, up high that comes on steadily and has a high ceiling, continuing to build over a long period of time. The citrus tones are strong but not aggressive or overly acid, leading to a very light, smooth smoke. Those who like a psychedelic leaning, euphoric buzz that lends itself to creative activities will find this variety delivers an especially pleasant experience.