Jilly Bean

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Jilly Bean
TGA Seeds
Indica 40 / Sativa 60
Origins: Orange Velvet Skunk x Space Queen
Flowering: 56-63 days
Harvest: early September
jilly-beanJilly Bean is the first marijuana strain bred by Green Avengers member MzJill. Her friend Charmed, another female grower, suggested the name. Like jelly beans, Jilly “Beans” are seeds that promise a sweet, fruit-flavored, happy-making treat.
Jilly Bean is easy to grown both indoors and out. When grown outside, this strain does best in dry, warm climates, where frost or rains don’t occur until after mid-September. One fan of Jilly Bean has grown very successfully in Israel, using outdoor soil alone and no nutrients. Indoors, Jilly Bean adapts to either soil or hydro, and can be grown as a single-cola plant in SOG. She yields best as a large bush, topped several times, giving many large dense colas.
Jilly Bean has a light to average nutrient requirement. This strain is adaptable to higher grow room temperatures, but for maximum yields, the temperature should stay below 85 degrees F when the lights are on. Jilly Bean will purple if the dark time temperature is allowed to drop by 20 degrees or more, producing reddish or burgundy velvet leaves inherited from her Orange Velvet mother. Her leaves become darker and more leathery as she matures. The cooler the nighttime temperature, the more magnificent the hues of this lady will become.
Jilly Bean seeds express two phenotypes. One stays short and bushy with a lot of lateral branching. the other grows taller, with little lateral branching. When Jilly Bean is flowered between 24 and 32 inches in height, she finishes at approximately 4 feet.
Jilly Bean buds grow in a pointy shape. they are dense and rock-hard from top to bottom, and forest-green in color, with some red hairs, and plenty of sticky resin. In good light and organic soil, this plant yields 3-4 ounces of primo sticky nugs. With an extra week of vegetative time, she can become even more robust. Grown in a hydroponic bubbler system, this plant can yield 10 or more ounces. It wafts the odor of sweet overripe mangos, pineapples, and oranges with a candied overtone. The pungency means it can be smelled from over a yard away, but doesn’t have the classic marijuana smell.
Her palate, too, is like pulpy citrus and candy, which makes her a tasty ingredient for cannabis bakers. Smokers will also enjoy the jellybean taste for its own sake. her stone warms up slowly, spreading evenly over mind and body. Mellow, giddy, and friendly, this is a good daytime smoke, and one that has been reported to alleviate chronic pain and depression.