Michigan Skunk

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Michigan Skunk
Michigan MMJ
Indica 70 / Sativa 30
Origins: Skunk 1 x Hindu Kush and God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk
Flowering: 8-10 weeks
michigan-skunkMichigan Skunk is a medical strain that was developed in Southeastern Michigan to help patients manage their severe pain. The effect is a very strong body buzz that hits quick and last for approximately 4 hours. The First hour is an intense but even high with the Indicaproperties standing out that will leave you couch-locked with cottonmouth. The extremities will become numb and tingling will occur throughout the body, almost an out of body or floating feeling. The next couple hours will cause the patient to become extremely drowsy, so this strain is recommended for nighttime use or for a mid-day nap. Because of the Indica properties the effects of the medication can be used for a wide range of medical reasons from pain management to social disorders. If you are sensitive to panic attacks while using your medication Michigan Skunk is highly recommended because of its even high.
Michigan Skunk is a cross between a Skunk 1 x Hindu Kush Father and a God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk Mother. The concentration when developing this strain was concerned on the medical properties but after the first F1 generation it showed that this strain was perfect for the caregiver too. The plant is a very heavy producer, approximately 6-8oz per ever 4ft plant. The flowers are very frosty with the maximum resin at a very short flowing time, about 8-10 weeks. The buds are tightly packed with a deep red hair at finish and a light purple tint to them with a strong Skunk smell.
The strain is easy to maintain so it could be recommended for any level of cultivator. The stain can be grown inside or outside. The highest THC levels are found growing inside but larger yields will occur outside. Because of the Skunk properties any medium can be used for the base root system. If using hydro, DWC (Deep Water Cultivation) is recommended due to the large root system of this strain. If cultivating outside it is recommended to top the plant about 4 times. This will give you monster plants that will need about a 4ft by 4ft square to provided the proper space needed for this bushy plant. It will become very top heavy so if using buckets watch for high winds. Inside the plant can be controlled so pruning is not needed but if grown outside pruning will be needed every 6 days for even growth.