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Greenthumb Seeds
Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Iranian Indica x (Niagara x Shiva)
Flowering: 50 days
Harvest: late September
milleniumDr. Greenthumb hand-selected the indica from the eastern mountains of Iran that dominates this hybrid. Millennium is balanced with a 25 percent cross of the sativa influenced Niagara / Shiva hybrid as second parent. An easy-to-grow variety indoors and out, Millennium was named with a hopeful look to its proliferation in the years to come.
This strain finishes in an average of 50 days with promising yield potential. The medium flower-to-leaf ratio makes this a manageable plant for a sea of green growing style, but it will also work as a staked multi branch plant. When put into flowering at a foot tall, Millennium grows to a comfortable height of 24-30 inches (60-80 cm). Dr. Greenthumb recommends pinching off between the 4th and 5th node to save space and get 4 good, cola-producing branches. In the great outdoors, this plant reaches heights of 5-8 feet, and is a vibrant, vigorous grower in Canada and other temperate latitudes.
Millennium has a heavy hashy bouquet, but the flavor is earthy and sweet with sandalwood tones. This is not pot to smoke on your way into work, or when you are going to need to drive anywhere soon. Millennium offers a strongly physical, intense buzz for some couch potato time. Your refrigerator may also be subject to raiding when the munchies take hold.